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  Tinsmithing Video Vol. 2

In Great American Craftsmen: Tinsmithing, viewers will have the rare opportunity to watch William McMillen cut, shape and assemble classic pieces of period tinware using the tools and techniques of a 19th century tinsmith. From raw tin, he'll expertly fashion a one-sheet waiter (or coffin tray), a decorative wall sconce, and a coffee pot. With enlightened commentary and friendly bantering between host Don Carpentier and McMillen, TINSMITHING effortlessly brings to light a long forgotten craft, part of our country's grand history and tradition.

Historic Eastfield

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Few things better exemplify the impact of the industrial revolution in 19th century England and America than the explosion of tinware, the rapid evolution of it’s manufacturing processes and the profusion of tin pieces it produced.


By the end of the century, virtually every household utensil was made of tin.


An array of items, from milk pans, down spouts and buckets to tubing and lighting instruments, made life easier from farm to factory.


The proliferation of new machinery for the manufacture of tinware greatly increased the production capability of the tin shop.


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