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Great American Craftsmen
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Discover the lost traditional arts of early America with Great American Craftsmen, a video series dedicated to preserving and chronicling trades and skills of the past. With internationally known historian and restoration expert Don Carpentier, you'll visit modern-day master craftsmen (potters, tinsmiths, glass blowers, stone-cutters, coppersmiths) and explore the history and background of 18th and 19th century American crafts. Watch them work, learn period secrets and embrace a past rich in tradition and handicraft. Uncover a bygone time with Great American Craftsmen.


by Don Carpentier

Mochaware Vol. 1
Earthenware Pottery Techniques of the 19th Century
Sponsored by Historic Eastfield Foundation

A self-taught potter, master craftsmen Don Carpentier has unearthed the secrets of mochaware, a type of dipped pottery dating from the early 19th century. With an origin in the kilns of Staffordshire, England, mochaware became the most popular form of decorative ceramics in 1800's America. Through many years of testing and refining old techniques and recipes, plus his willingness to work long and hard, Don has unlocked the dusty secrets associated with how these pots, mugs and plates were made. From his workshop in East Nassau, New York, he crafted his own tools, carved his own plaster molds and created his own slip formulas. In fact, Carpentier's reproductions are so close to the real thing, John Curtis, former curator at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts says, "It's absolutely perfect ... it's go good, it's frightening. If he didn't mark each piece with his name and date, it would be very, very dangerous."

"... this is an excellent addition to decorative arts, collections, comparable to the "Willamsburg Arts and Crafts" series; highly recommended for public libraries and academic art departments." Janel Hoeting, Riverside, P.L. Cal. Library Journal, September 15, 1997

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Tinsmithing Vol. 2
Sponsored by Historic Eastfield Foundation

Narration and script by Nicolas Coletto

Join William McMillen, one of the country's greatest tinsmiths and head of restoration at Historic Richmond Town, NY, as he meticulously cuts, forms and shapes classic Early American tinware, including a wall sconce and coffee pot.

"I appreciate the high quality of Bill's work and his ability to teach. He is a craftsman's craftsman." says Peter Ross, Master Blacksmith at Colonial Williamsburg.

DVD Color 60 min. PayPal $24.9
VHS Color 60 min. PayPal $15.95
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