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  Great American Craftsmen
Historic Eastfield Event 2014

A unique opportunity to visit Historic Eastfield for an afternoon of viewing master craftsmen at work. Our buildings will be filled with artisan crafts for sale and entertainment will take place just off the green. This will be a memorable variation of the Entertainment at Eastfield. We hope you will join us as we celebrate historic preservation.

Tinsmithing Great American Craftsmen:Tinsmithing

Few things better illustrate the impact of the Industrial Revolution in 19th Century America than the incredible explosion of tinware and its manufacturing processes. Great American Craftsmen:Tinsmithing, the second volume in a video series dedicated to preserving trades and skills of the past, uncovers the lost art of handmade tinware and its rich, storied past.

Join host Don Carpentier as he visits longtime friend and fellow craftsmen William McMillen, one of the country's greatest tinsmiths and head of restoration at Historic Richmondtown, NY. Together, in an authentic and well-appointed tinsmith shop, they'll open a window to the past you'll not soon forget.

Historic Eastfield

historic trades

  brown's general store
brown's general store

Don't forget to drop by Elias Brown's General Store, a completely restored 19th century building that, through 20th century know-how, has been turned into an online store. You can purchase the Great American Craftsmen video series as well as exquisite crafts from some of the country's finest craftspeople, including mochaware from Don Carpentier, tinware from William McMillen, and much more.
  eastfield village
eastfield village

Journey to an authentic 19th century Early American village in Upstate New York, painstakingly reconstructed by one of the foremost preservation arts experts in the world, Don Carpentier. Visit over 20 authentic buildings, which have been assembled over 25 years, including historic William Briggs Tavern, Elias Brown's General Store and the Church, originally built in 1836.
2009 summer workshops

Historic Eastfield Foundation presents their 23rd Annual Series of Early American Trades and Historic Preservation
don carpentier

Carpentier is a colonial renaissance man and expert in the ways of life in pre-industrial America, from ceramics to woodworking to printing. As host of the Great American Craftsmen video series, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. In the words of independent architectural conservator Morgan Phillips, as quoted in the New York Times, "Don is an undiscovered treasure, a real resource, someone who can teach us a lot of things."

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